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DVD Duplication Services

What is DVD Duplication? Well it’s pretty simple. If you have any CDs or DVDs that are old and need to be transferred to new discs, or want to duplicate your home movie collection to pass on to friends or family, the only real way to do this is with duplication services. Another good reason to get duplicates is when you have DVDs that you watch a lot, like kids movies or cartoons. You don’t want to wear out your originals, so having duplicates is a way your kids or you can watch these movies and programs to your heart’s content, without ruining the originals. There are of course some electronics on the market that will do this, but these are expensive and unless you are duplicating for a living, these products are impractical.

One of the biggest problems finding DVD duplication services is finding a company that is reliable, offers consistent, high quality duplicate discs, at prices that are reasonable. All too often you find that your duplicate DVDs or CDs are of poor quality, scratch easily, and don’t last nearly as long as the original products. Maybe you have based your decisions on price, found a site that was cheap, only to find that when you received your merchandise the discs were terrible, maybe even missing some content.

Another problem you may find with these DVD duplication sites is that they are hard to use, or confusing. They may want you to send them your originals, then not send them back, or they are damaged. What can you do then? Really you may have to suffer. Even those companies that let you pick and choose duplicates on your own are often not user friendly, difficult to navigate through or confusing.

Instead of dealing with all this, there is one website that fits the bill in all respects when it comes to self service DVD duplication. It is called, www.maxduplication.co.uk. They know what it’s like to get low quality duplicates, and strives to be a leader in the industry. Their website is setup so you can do all of your selections yourself, but also offer the highest quality customer service, so if you do have a problem, you can count on them to fix the problem right away. Whether you need one duplicate, or multiple discs, you are treated with the high quality products you deserve.

One of the best things about this company is their prices. Even though their discs are the top quality you would get with originals, they don’t rake you over the coals. All prices are clear, up front, and on every template you choose. For an example if you are looking at duplicate CDs, you can pick up a set of fifty discs, with color graphics on a covered spindle for just under 54 pounds. If you are not worried about color, and can deal with black lettering on a white background, they are below fifty pounds. DVDs start at under 60 pounds, and Blu Ray starts at just over 40 for five discs.

There are many reasons to buy from this company. In addition to offering top quality DVD duplication services, they also offer excellent customer service, with live operators available 24/7. You also get discounts on large orders, with discs as low as half a pound or more, depending on the quantity and the type of disc you are looking for . Ordering is simple, just go to your template, order the type of disc, the quantity, what kind of graphics and the format. Then you pay through PayPal, send in your original, or even arrange to upload the contents, and that’s it. While their turnaround times are about a week, if you need to get your duplicates back quicker, you can get them shipped within twenty-four hours for an extra cost.

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