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Covered Canopies with Custom Printed Logos

With a business canopy you can expand most businesses by leaps and bounds. You can set up at trade shows, fairs and all sorts of outdoor events. These tents serve a variety of purposes. If you make a product, jewelry or other crafts, or if you sell a product, you can set these products up on display tables and sell them right there, exposing your business to the public, and making a profit while you’re doing it. If you provide as service, you can still set up a booth, with displays showing what the service is, the benefits, and why people should use it. You can also hand out hundreds of business cards and brochures, no matter what business you are.

Peak banner offers a complete line of canopies and accessories for any business. You can go with a regular 10×10` model, go with a smaller 5`x5` model, or a large 10×20` canopy. They are lightweight, durable, and easy to set up in a short period of time. Accessories include back and side walls that zip together or can be rolled up. There are half panels that cover the lower half, leaving the upper half of the wall completely open. They offer a number of flags and banners that can be attached to the top of these tents.

Why have a flag or banner if that’s all it is? One of the best things that sets Peak Banner apart from other retailers is that you can fully customize your sign, your walls, and of course your banners. It doesn’t matter whether you have a simple logo or some extravagant design, full of colors and different graphics, they can transfer it to the material. This company is also one of the least expensive, both for your advertisement needs as well as the tents themselves.

For an example, let’s take their standard 10×10` canopy . This basic canopy is competitively priced at just $470. This includes a one color log, placed on all the facing top areas as well as the roof peaks. It includes your choice color backgrounds. The more detailed the graphics, the higher the cost of course. When you are on this page you also have access to drop down lists for ordering your personalized backdrop and side walls. These are extra.

These are not the only products available. If you are on a limited budget, you can purchase umbrellas, banners, table coverings, and even pop-up a frames, just to name a few. Each of these includes your logo, and a background color. The pop-ups have three sides.

These are just some of the reasons to choose this company for all your business canopy needs. they are quick, reliable, and can ship your order to you in less than a week. Many of these canopies need little assembly, and are ready to use. If you decide to purchase more than one item, they offer discounts for larger orders as well. They are easy to find on the internet at peakbanner.com, their toll free number 888-997-7168.

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