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Conclusions Made from Lifelock Reviews

With the increasing awareness of individuals about identity theft and its dangers, the products and services provided by online credit monitoring establishments are also on the rise. The Internet then becomes the most popular venue for the dozens of positive Lifelock reviews attesting to the efficacy of the online service in the prevention of identity theft, among other services.

Dangers of Identity Theft

Identity Thief, a movie starring Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy, may have shown identity theft with a lighthearted approach but there is absolutely nothing funny about it in real life. Identity theft in any of its varied forms has monetary and non-monetary consequences including but not limited to loss of physical freedom, peace of mind, and financial security until and unless the case is resolved, which may well take several years.

The types of identity theft that usually occurs in the modern-day setting are:

  • True name identity theft, which involves a thief stealing and then using your personal information (e.g., full name, address and social security numbers) to open accounts in financial institutions, register services in your name, and even take on your entire life.
  • Account takeover identity theft refers to the illegal access of your personal computer for logging in to your existing accounts and then performing transactions in your name. This activity may involve financial and non-financial activities (e.g., posting libelous status on your social media accounts), which will be to your detriment sooner or later.

Both instances of identity theft are obviously dangerous! Fortunately, the authors of lifelock reviews attest that such a serious matter can be largely, if not completely, prevented by subscribing to the reliable and reputable credit monitoring service.

Expectations of Services

But Lifelock prides itself on more than just being a credit monitoring service. Indeed, its combination of sophisticated data surveillance techniques, effective traditional data protection tools, and outstanding customer service has made Lifelock a must-have service for every individual who wants to protect himself from identity theft!

The company provides for five points of protection for its customers that judging from the dozens of Lifelock reviews online, has higher efficacy rate than the competitors’ bundle of services. Why is this so? Lifelock provides for proactive identity theft protection technology coupled with strong partnerships with law enforcement agencies and direct access to the best fraud resolution teams in the industry, among other reasons.

The five points of protection are:

  • Monitoring of identity

As soon as you sign up for one of the Lifelock packages, you already have the benefit of immediate, not to mention effective and efficient, monitoring of threats against your identity within the company’s network. You will be informed as soon as possible about these threats so that appropriate action can be done.

  • Scanning for threats

You will also have the protection of the system scanning for threats against your identity in criminal websites, which may be illegally selling your personal information as part of an identity theft scam. Keep in mind that even a single seemingly harmless activity like giving your email address can become dangerous to your identity.

  • Responding to identity theft

You will be alerted via email, phone call or text message when your personal information appears to be used with nefarious purposes. Based on Lifelock reviews, the response time is quick, which means better protection against the monetary and non-monetary impact of identity theft.

  • Tracking credit score

Keep in mind that your credit score is valuable for many transactions from purchasing on credit to applying for a job or renting a place. You must then carefully monitor it for changes that will affect your ability to successfully engage in these transactions.

  • Enjoying service guarantee

Lifelock includes guarantees like a dedicated remediation specialist, a team of resolution experts in case of identity theft, and other benefits.

Indeed, why wait for your identity to be stolen? Subscribe to the service now and be one of the authors of Lifelock reviews soon!

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