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Best Tablet For College Students

It’s getting that time of year again, when high school graduates are looking to go to college. Books and school supplies need to be purchased, classes assigned, tuition, and all of that. One of the main tools many students need is a good computer. Computers replace many of the supplies that were once staples of supplies needed, notebooks, pens and organizers, are all now in one convenient unit. These days computers are getting smaller, with more and more people buying tablet computers to help them with organizing their classes and school work.

So why would you want to choose a tablet computer over a laptop when it comes to going to college? There are a number of reasons. One is that these tablets are much smaller than a regular laptop, so transporting them is much easier. You don’t need a separate carrying case, you can pack your tablet into your backpack. In many cases these tablets are much cheaper than a full sized laptop, and have many if not more features. You can do your schoolwork, make presentations if needed, get online, and even play games and watch movies when you’re bored. They can also have almost as much storage and memory as a full sized laptop, and you can use online resources if you need more.

So what is the best tablet for college students ? There are so many different tablet choices, picking the right one can be a little overwhelming. There is that Ipad, Android, and Windows tablets to choose from, and each has advantages and disadvantages. Some are more expensive than others, and some have more apps that you will need for college. There are many review websites that can help you find a great tablet, but only a few are geared towards finding the best tablet for college students.

One of these sites is pretty simple and straightforward. It is besttabletfor.me, and they have reviewed many different tablets, with top priorities for what students need. They have narrowed it down to three, one for Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Here is the list of what they recommend. The first is the Ipad, and while this tablet comes in a mini size, the regular sized product is recommended for college usage. The regular Ipad has a much larger screen as well as better processing speed. It comes with a 9.7” screen, and has eliminated the need for a keypad, although if you can’t live without one you can buy one for an extra fee. You can buy software for office and other applications not included for a nominal fee.

Microsoft Surface is another top choice, and has a detachable keyboard. The screen is large at 10.1” and the surface is made from Gorilla Glass, which is highly scratch and crack resistant. It also has the same high speed processors that are usually only found in high end laptops, giving it a speed edge over the Ipad. It has the power of a regular laptop with the portabilities of a tablet. The third choice is the Asus Transformer. It is much cheaper than both the Surface as well as the Ipad, and still has a connectable keyboard. While it may be similar in price to the Ipad, since it comes with the keyboard it is a much better deal overall. It has a ten inch screen, as well as two USB ports and even an HDMI port to view your tablet on a television. It also comes with the standard 16GB memory, but you can also buy USB drives for added space.

These are among the tops choices for the best tablet for college students. For full information about each of these tablets, simply go to their website. You can also link to other sites for prices and availability. These are just three of the many different tablet computers that are out there.

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