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Best Home Improvement Solutions

Home improvement projects are excellent investments especially in a recovering real estate market for several reasons. Keep in mind that home improvements will add to the comfort, convenience, and coziness of the interior and exterior areas of the residential structure as well as increase the value of the property – truly, a win-win situation for homeowners.

But not all home improvement projects are equal in terms of giving returns on investments. Here are a few projects that give the best value for your money!

Boost Curb Appeal

Let’s face it. We all judge homes based on their curb appeal – the exterior appearance of the structure itself as well as its surrounding area like the fence, yard, and garden. The less attractive the exteriors, the less likely you can make a good impression on neighbors and buyers alike.

As such, the best home improvement solutions are concerned with increasing curb appeal. But lest you start thinking that landscaping projects are too expensive or too laborious, think again.

Even a simple cleaning of the yard and garden will suffice for the purpose. Think of cleaning the yard of any debris, trimming the trees and shrubs, and getting the weeds are great ideas. Just be sure to properly dispose of the waste by availing of dumpster rental services, such as Rubbish Pod, which provides for a convenient way to gather your garden trash for proper disposal later on.

If you have the money for landscaping projects, then the following projects give the best value for your money:

  • Change the old front door into a more attractive one. Even changing the color to achieve contrast (e.g., red door against a white wall) and cleaning the hardware will brighten up the house.
  • Replace door hardware like mailbox, house number, and light fixtures, which are affordable options than replacing the entire door.
  • Paint the exterior walls with either the old or a new color depending on your preference.
  • Clean up the garden and yard. Plant new ornamental plants and trees as well as maintain the old ones. Even a container garden will spruce up curb appeal.
  • Line the walkway with lights. Add lights or lanterns to the trees.

You main goal is to make your home’s exterior as attractive as possible. Small changes can add up to large increases in curb appeal so start on them now.

Use the Attic and Basement

While redecorating the living areas of the house – living room, kitchen, dining room, and bedrooms – are also great ideas for home improvements, you should also look into using idle rooms. Think of the uses for the attic and the basement, two parts of the house usually used for too-utilitarian purposes like storage space for junk.

Before starting on the conversion projects for these upper and lower rooms, be sure to call dumpster rental service providers, such as Rubbish Pod first. With so much junk in the attic and basement, you will require the sturdy dumpsters for these unwanted items.

These rooms can be used for a wide variety of purposes including:

  • Man cave with all the comforts and conveniences the man of the house desires in his private space
  • Sports den equipped with large-screen television, overstuffed couches, and perhaps a few sports equipment
  • Lounge with pool table, poker table, and wet bar
  • Children’s play area with soft furniture, arts and crafts table, and toys complete with storage shelves and boxes

Of course, there’s no need to purchase new furniture and fixtures since many of the unused items in the attic and basement can be repurposed and reused for the new spaces. Just be careful about throwing away things into the Rubbish Pod since many of these can still be reused.

Other ideas for high-value yet low-cost home improvement projects are sprucing up the bathroom (e.g., changing the fixtures), repainting the kitchen cabinets, and adding a DIY deck or patio.

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