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A Look at Perfume

When you see the luxurious line of perfumes found at BeautyandGlamour.net, the endless number of options may seem overwhelming. While you may have thousands of options today, that wasn’t only the case. In fact, most of the original perfumes were inexpensive and primitive scents that were used more than simply turning heads in the past.

The first person known to develop perfume is Tapputi. Her combinations of oil, flowers, myrrh and other select fragrances were blended with water and used by many different people. But there have been discoveries in Cyprus that show that during the Bronze Age there were makers of perfumes also. While stunning arrays of scents were likely created, all that remains are the perfume bottles from the time.

The more modernistic approach to perfumes similar to those found on BeautyandGlamour.net can be linked to Hungary. Paris though is considered to be the home of couture fashion though and this is why so many floral fragrances can be found coming from this area. In fact Louis XV from the area coined his court the perfumed court of ‘le cour parfumme’.

Today, we know that women want to smell fresh and dazzling and men are enchanted by the heavenly perfume scents that they wear. Even men who spray on cologne utilize many of the same ideas that the feminine scents have, replacing floral arrangements with spices and musk. Designers cater to both sexes and ensure that luxury designer combinations are produced and advertised in campaigns that are designed to attract buyers who are looking to smell amazing and will help to fund new experimental scents. Considering that the industry has exceeded $27.5 billion annually, it comes as no shock that everyone from fashion designers to celebrities are trying to break into the realm of fragrances. With some samplings exceeding $100 and others falling below $20 there are plenty of unique options to be found.

While looking at the offerings at BeautyandGlamour.net you may wonder what the top perfume brands are. Although it may be subjective at times, the list will include items such as:

  • Obsession by CK
  • Chanel Number 5
  • Gucci
  • Lovely from Sarah Jessica Parker

Men’s colognes on the other hand which tend to be more masculine will have a different arrangement of scents. They include:

  • Cool Water
  • Aqua Di Gio
  • Drakkar Noir
  • Soul2Soul by Tim McGraw

Of course, as you explore BeautyandGlamour.net there are going to be additional scents and fragrances that can inspire your senses. Something to keep in mind when exploring options is that your body chemistry is going to impact which scents smell amazing on you and which ones may create a pungent smell.

For some sweet and simple scents are going to go better with body chemistry, rather than dark and deep ones. When possible, it is a good idea to check out samples from places like Beauty and Glamour and get an idea of how the scents are going to be on your skin. That way, you can better pinpoint which choices are going to deliver amazing results. Otherwise, you may spray on a perfume that doesn’t do you justice.

As you can see, there is a lot more to perfume than being a shiny bottle filled with enchanting aromas. So make sure the next time you are exploring new scents you keep all of this in mind and begin to explore the world of possibilities that you have. You will find that by doing that, you will have the chance to find that incredible scent that will become your trademark and people will know you by its unique scent.

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