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A Guide to Getting Started with Minecraft

Many articles and reviews have been dedicated to Minecraft – an indie game that changed many rules in the industry. According to one article published by The Guardian, Minecraft is to dominate Christmas sales this year. What made the game so popular and is it worth giving a try?

What is Minecraft?
Swedish programmer Markus Persson is the person behind the development of Minecraft. The launch date was May 17 2009 and after a number of updates, the full release of the game became available in November 2011.

The aim of Minecraft players is to create constructions out of textured cubes. Gathering resources, exploring the map and combat are also integral parts of the Minecraft experience. There are two gameplay possibilities – a survival mode and a creative mode. The creative mode provides players with unlimited resources. A hardcore survival mode is also available, characterized by the highest difficulty level of all three possibilities.

In 2011, the game received five awards for innovation, best downloadable game and best debut game from the Game Developers Conference. It also got the audience choice award and the game developers choice award. Since the fall of 2013, Minecraft has sold more than 12.5 million copies for PC.

Reasons for Its Popularity
The basics of Minecraft make it similar to so many other games that you are probably wondering about the reasons for its popularity. For a start, the graphics of Minecraft are rather basic and many other games offer a superior experience. There is no story, no plot and no adventure to enjoy in a fantasy world. How come such a game has reached millions of people across the world?

The game is captivating because it enables the gamer to set the rules and to create their own story. The concept is innovative and the game is widely accessible – two features that worked together to bring Minecraft to fame.

Minecraft is supported by an avid community of fans. These people are responsible for the popularity of the game. It was launched by one person and there was no advertising budget dedicated to promoting Minecraft. This is yet another interesting development, showing that a game does not have to be supported by a major company with a serious marketing budget in order to become mainstream. Few indie games manage to achieve this goal but Minecraft succeeded convincingly.

Many video games are opposed by parents because of the inherent violence and the goriness of the graphics. Minecraft is highly creative, which has given the game the support of an adult community and an approval that has made it even more accessible.

Things to Know about Minecraft Hosting
People who want to play Minecraft online against other fans of the game need to find an affordable Minecraft hosting possibility. There are many services to choose among, some delivering higher quality than others.

Playing online is much more interesting than enjoying the game on your own. To find the best affordable Minecraft hosting, you have to look at several factors. Take a look at the hosting provider’s website and make sure you can benefit from 24/7 technical support. Full FTP access to the control panel and console access are two other important criteria to pay attention to.

Naturally, you should compare the prices of Minecraft hosting plans. There could be significant differences between offers. Always shop around and compare the terms and conditions before purchasing one service or another.

To figure out whether Minecraft deserves its fame, you will have to try the game for yourself. Trying online gameplay against other Minecraft enthusiasts can be a lot of fun, as well, once you have mastered the basics. Examine affordable Minecraft hosting possibilities to decide whether you want to give this possibility a try.

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