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10 Craziest Captchas out there

Captchas are necessary evil, they are needed to filter out robots from real people and its a system that needs constant tweaking as robots gets smarter at solving all the deterrence used in captchas. But what do you call captchas that are also good at confusing humans to the point that they are almost unsolvable?

Here is a look at 10 Captchas that are going a bit too far to verify you as a human.

1) Only people with a good understand of Math may apply.


2) You have to be a sociopath to type that in.


3) Eyestrain Captcha.


4) Dyslexics need not apply.


5) I don’t even…


6) Great way to make you a premium user in 29 seconds.


7) Membership for blind internet users.


8) No human or robot can solve that one.

9) I thought beauty is in the eye of the beholder

10) Captcha from hell.

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